• Introduction

College magazine serves as a platform for the students, alumni, and teaching and non-teaching staff to share their different views on scientific, cultural, literacy and artistic ideas. Pharmazone is the mirror that reflects the images of its features of the standard education system, research facilities and industrial infrastructure. Apart from these, Pharmazone acts as a medium for expressing students and faculty activity in the field of artistic culture, inter-college cricket tournaments, outdoor and indoor sports, Assam state level Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, Seminar, symposium, training, growth, and development of GIPS.

  • Vision & Mission


  •  Create a platform for students for exploring their creative potential and nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship and critical thinking.
  • Acquiring a foundation that can grow into any desired field in life.


  • To provide an atmosphere of learning and encouragement to all students and staff.
  • Equip students with the skills needed to adapt better to the changing global scenario and gain access to multiple career opportunities.
  • Protocol & Composition
  • More than 2 articles (Assamese/ English) for a particular individual will not be accepted.
  • The photographs should not be downloaded from the internet.
  • If the number of articles received is large in number, it shall be refined.
  • Members
  • Editorial Team Member
  • Dr. P. Malairajan   – Chief Patron
  • Mr. Susankar Kushari        – Editor
  • Faculty Member
  • Dr. Smriti Rekha Chanda Das
  • Mrs. Ankita Kashyap
  • Ms. Asha Das
  • Mr. Suman Kumar
  • Mr. Mrinmoy Deka
  • Student Member
  • Ms. Rashmita Dutta
  • Mr. Pranjal Das
  • Ms. Pubali Goswami
  • Functions
  • The main function of the college magazine is to inspire the reader to aim high in their latent talents and to help them cope and be the best they can.

Pharmazone 2020-21

Pharmazone 2021-22